The HBC Service E-Mobility Fleet

The HBC Service E-Mobility Fleet

As a medium-sized family business, HBC Service consistently implements the topic of "sustainability". This is also demonstrated by the current conversion of the company fleet to an e-mobility fleet.

HBC Service is represented at five German locations in the major cities of Berlin, Hanover, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Bremen and offers customers office services in addition to commercial cleaning. Further site openings are already being planned for 2023. In view of the need to conserve resources and protect the environment, fast yet efficient mobility is an elementary component of HBC Service's own corporate strategy as a provider of commercial cleaning services, especially in large metropolitan areas. 

"As a building cleaning company and provider of office services, fast and environmentally friendly accessibility to our customers is very important to us. Cleaning and office services still have to be implemented on site. Therefore, our employees are on the road a lot and we always have to keep an eye on our work routes and planning with regard to CO2 savings," explains Stephan Teichmann, Managing Director HBC Service.

HBC Service generally works in a resource-conserving manner and integrates sustainability into all processes. In addition, customers are also advised by the HBC Workplace Service teams on how to improve sustainability in their own daily processes. In their daily work, HBC Workplace Service employees consciously focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly processes and also live this motto in their own company.

"At HBC, we analyze and optimize internal processes as well as on-site customer procedures on a daily basis. We ourselves only use environmentally sustainable, CO2-neutral cleaning agents and use recyclable materials wherever possible. HBC Service consistently complies with ISO 14001 standards and our employees also commit to adhering to the HBC Sustainability Guideline & Code of Conduct," emphasizes Stephan Teichmann, Managing Director HBC Service.

Even the Christmas gift for HBC Service customers is sustainable. Customers received 2022 to Christmas a sponsorship of 15 square meters of primary tropical rainforest. gift.

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HBC Service expands the management team

HBC Service is repositioning itself for the future and expanding its top management team with the addition of industry expert Thomas Segers, who will take over as COO from February 2023.

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