Interview with the Berlin branch manager

Interview with the Berlin branch manager 


What inspires you in your daily work as site manager for HBC Service in Berlin?

That every day is different from the previous day and super varied. Furthermore, every day we try to provide the best service for our customers, which excites them and distinguishes us from others.

How big is your team in Berlin?

In Berlin we are already over 120 employees. Since we want to continue to grow as a company, we are constantly looking for new employees. Lack of experience or even origin of the employees/applicants is not as important to us as the motivation of those. We offer lateral entrants the opportunities to develop with us and we can already look back on many success stories. What counts for us is the result of the work.

What challenges do you see for commercial cleaning in the future?

It all depends on the time frame. In the near future, the topic of digitalization will become more and more important. I also think that the demand for full service in office management will increase and we won't "just" be talking about cleaning. New cleaning chemicals and application techniques will accompany the cleaning industry in the future.

How do you see HBC Service meeting these challenges in the future?

Our whole team and I are constantly asking ourselves what we can do better and how, in order to constantly and steadily improve our service. We are a young and dynamic team with many great ideas that we try to implement. Furthermore we block ourselves min. 1x in the month a Wednesday for a Mettwoch (then there is fresh Mett and rolls/rolls), in order to strengthen us for the new tasks.

Who cleans and tidies your home?

I share this regularly with my wife and we get active support from our 3-year-old daughter. I'm not allowed to do the laundry, but I clean the windows at least twice a year.

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